If social media marketing is the best thing, which has happened to internet marketing, then this blog is the next best thing. This blog is run by people who have been using social media for more than 10 years. We were into social media and its marketing before there was Facebook and Twitter. We were working on Web 2.0 before it was called Web 2.0.

We are innovators and internet users who have scoured the web and elicited responses, started conversations, and have harnessed these reactions and threads to benefit marketers. Social media marketing is not about the technology. It is about using the technology to touch people individually, immediately, coherently and in a relevant manner.

We do not only limit ourselves to the desktop, but also more importantly, we understand why social media is moving towards mobile devices. We know that an integrated approach using desktops, mobile apps, and online tools can help everyone achieve their goals.

Join the conversation on this website. Follow the blogs, share the articles, and more importantly create a presence on social media, which you would allow you to reach out to a bigger and wider audience, which just so happens to be focused towards your marketing goals.

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