About Us

Hi and welcome to Decipho.com!

Here is a little information about how we help you filter our search results to find information you need more easily.

Decipho filters search results by user preferences and tags. By doing this users have the ability to narrow keyword searches by tags given by other users and themselves. For example, if you do a search for “web 2.0” and type in “news” into the tag search bar:

When the results come back, it only displays websites within this search that were given the tag news by other users. The Community Tags link next to the displayed search results allow users to view all of the tags given for a particular website as well as a percentage breakdown of how many times someone tagged a website a certain tag-word. At the bottom it will show the breakdown of tags used for a particular keyword search. If a tag was given to a particular website and it does not appear in the keyword search breakdown, it is because the tags were loaded from their browser or they may have used our bookmarklet.

Another unique feature we offer is the My Results section. While logged into their account, when a keyword search pulls up a website the user has already ranked for another keyword search, the system will pull out that search listing and display it at the top right side (next to general results) even if it is listing number 50. This will help our users narrow their searches by tags and will only display results that match particular tags.


Another addition is the Friends section in the user admin area, where users can network and befriend other users. Users can browse user-profiles within Decipho; they can view the websites other users tagged and any websites they may own. Another way of finding and adding friends is through the section where Decipho suggests friends to users that have similar search and tag behaviors. Within the Friends section, users can also see who has befriended them and who has befriended other users. Users also have the ability to make their account private so other users cannot see them, or they can make certain tags and websites private while still being able to add friends.

Every time a user does a search while logged in, Decipho will process all of the results and search for any websites that were tagged by a friend. If it finds a match, it will pull out the result and place it in the Friends Results section while displaying which friends tagged this website, what they tagged it as and any notes they added about it.

A final feature is the Claim a Website option. When a website owner has written a personal description about their site for users to read, an image and Owner’s Message link will appear next to a search result. To claim a website, owners must sign up for an account, log in, click on the Claim A Website tab, and follow the directions from there.

We at Decipho believe that it is important to find the right information faster by making it easier to filter through the search results and hope users find Decipho useful. If you have any feedback, please email us at admin@decipho.com.

Thanks again for using Decipho!

The Decipho Team