Covering the Angles: Content, Attitude, and Platform

Covering the Angles: Content, Attitude, and Platform

Posted by on Jan 11, 2017 in Marketing |


Social media has changed the marketing world entirely, and that change is tilting on the positive side – if you know how to leverage it. That’s why today we’re going to talk about three things: content, attitude, and platform. We’ll divide these into three separate articles to expand our point on each facet of this strategy.


You’ve heard it a thousand times before. Creating original and engaging content is one of the pillars in succeeding in social media marketing. However, most of the start-ups are seriously lacking in diversifying their approach.

What that means is that you shouldn’t just stick to a single form of content. Try mixing it up.

Let’s say you’re an owner of a small resort. You have a website where your clients can book for reservations, check weather up-dates, social feeds, and other essential components geared towards attracting new visitors.

But what else do you think should be place in there?

Place and people

Content in terms of social media is something that you expressed using a certain medium which customers can benefit from. So again, as a small resort business, what else are you going to put on your website that can pull in more end-users?

If you said video, then you’re spot on. It should highlight the things that your business is known for: the drinks, the rooms, the nightly experience, services that you offer, as well as the overall look of the place.

But don’t just stick with the place, incorporate the people as well. From your highest employees down to the lowest, include them on that video.

This is to create familiarity and add a human touch to your business. Make them see that your visitors’ wonderful experience was made possible by the people working behind the scenes. Make it enticing, make it fun, and make it about them while subtly promoting your own brand.

But this content shouldn’t be overly done, four times a year at most.

Again, mix it up

While it may be unusual for a resort business to publish articles on their site, it’s not unheard of either.

“What am I going to write about then?”

There are literally hundreds of topics you could cover on your articles. Start with yourself. How was your week? Was it busy? Tiring yet fun? Weave your piece that your audience can relate to in some level.

Next are your employees. Were there any headaches among them? Was there anyone in particular that’s been a superb with their job? Yes? Then there’s your topic!

Showcase that employee on your post. Not only will you make that worker feel special but people will see that you’re a great employer and cares not only about your business but the people under you as well.

What’s next? The place, the food, the conversations you’ve had with your clients, ideas you may have about the resort – the list goes on.

This is why you should mix your content. One approach doesn’t have the strength of the other. Using all of them ensures that you’re leveraging each benefit that that certain content has to offer.