Sustaining Facebook as Part of People’s Lives

Sustaining Facebook as Part of People’s Lives

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Facebook seems to dominate our lives these past few years. With more than 1.44 billion active users, it is undeniably the largest social networking site that even your grandmother has to put up an account to keep her updated with her family’s status updates. Are there any rooms for improvement for Facebook to continue its upward stream and reach more people in the years to come? Or is it just a fad that would just die down in an uneventful death when people realize that it is too annoying and a waste of time?

If Facebook Controls Promotion

As a promoter by trade, I am annoyed with the number of event invites and shameless promotions which have a stranglehold on my news feed. I can just imagine how the regular non-promotions industry user must feel. Facebook has fallen very far behind in regulating this side of their business.

The most obvious problem is that anyone can be a promoter so Promotions as an industry is unregulated and that means no rules. The site has danced around this issue but they have not addressed it.

The first order of business is to classify promoters and understand what they are using the site for. The top tools are events, pages, contesting through messaging and photos. That said, with the universal privacy controls in place, Facebook could think a bit smaller and put promotions controls in place.

The first step in this process would be to use the Friends lists feature more effectively. If all those that are looking to promote were forced to use Friends Lists, there would be a decrease in what users feel to be spam across the board. A Promotions friends list which users can see they’ve been added to would effectively eliminate spam.

It would be nice if Facebook were to administer the Events application in the interest of the user. I can’t even count the number of times that the process for invites has changed. Come up with a system and stick to it. Make it so that the Promotions list is one click inviting. Most of all, if you’re going to get business to switch over to Pages, allow businesses to invite their fans to events. The latter is quite possibly the most annoying feature lacking on Facebook.

Online businesses are always trying to monetize and this next change would separate the boys from the men so to speak, is to make those businesses engaged in promotion pay for the right to do so. Facebook will always be free to the individual user, but payment to conduct business is a natural fit. What does this solve? It gives the person you have administering your business more of a sense that they are handling a project rather than a page. Also, you’d be surprised how many promoters don’t have credit cards or Pay Pal accounts.

If Facebook Had Retweeting (RT)

Twitter allows users to share in a much more simplistic way than Facebook. Being able to RT is a big piece of that puzzle. Google+ has +1. Facebook could easily alter their share feature to accommodate this change.

If Facebook Made Friends Lists Fun

As it stands now friends lists feel like filing. No one likes filing. Not a soul. So why would Mark Zuckerberg and his band of merry programmers think that people would like this feature? Google+ has circles which are a step in the right direction. I’d like to see friends lists become something graphical that you can drag and drop as well and wherever the user is being dragged to, each of those lists has separate controls. Another feature that couldn’t hurt is seeing the friend’s lists that you have added each user to on their page on a small admin bar at the top.

If Facebook Stopped Trying to be My Parents

It seems like everywhere you turn Facebook is warning you not to add people because you may not know them or not to message people because you may be a spammer. I hear people complain about this all of the time.

It’s social media with social being the operative word here. Some times you come across a person you find interesting and you add them. They may not want to add you so they deny you. That should be the end of the story. If they continue to try and add you then yes, I see the case for account suspension or termination but these can not be the types of punishment for people that are just trying to make friends. I could see the case for this in the beginning when your Facebook life mirrored your real life but now that Facebook is a sort of second life (pun intended) for many, this feature seems small minded.

On a personal note, I have a friend who can’t leave his house much due to disability and his best form of contact is through Facebook. He hits message blocks all of the time just as I do when I’m connecting with contest winners.

Why are you trying to end the party at 11 Facebook? For shame.

If Facebook Would Get More Involved with Movies

Movies are the window to the public’s imagination and dreams. The wildest of fantasies play out on the silver screen. Facebook should get more interactive with movie studios and probably take some notes in regards to relating to the public. On the softer side of this point I know many people would like to see a trailer section. A full frontal attack approach would be to bring social interaction through movies to a whole new level.

If Facebook Would Make “Gaming” An Opt-In Feature

Currently I have over 500 gaming requests that I will never go through and they’ll keep piling up. Why? Because I have no interest in gaming on Facebook. Farmville, Nightclub City or any other game on the site are not why I’m on Facebook. If I liked gaming, I’d find gaming. If I opt-in you can send me all of the ridiculous invites you want.

If Facebook Would Just Listen to the Basic Requests of Users

We don’t want much. We just ask that Facebook doesn’t take away good features without better features to replace them and that when there is a resounding rational feature request – Facebook makes it happen.

Top 10 Requests:

  1. Chat windows should link to profiles again. The fact that this is gone makes the programmers look a little slow on the controls so to speak.
  2. Individual responses would be nice. If I post something on a thread it would be nice if someone could respond to me within that thread specifically. It’s a basic feature that’s been online since as far back as I can remember – yes that is to say, before Facebook.
  3. Event check-ins would be nice. I’d even like if my mobile app prompted me to do so. That would be fantastic and something no one else is doing.
  4. An events calendar would be another great event add-on. Even as an optional view this would be useful.
  5. Your favorite Facebook moments and posts from 3 years ago are almost impossible to find. A Favorites page would be an excellent way to make favorite moments on Facebook available. Imagine a page where your favorite posts, pictures, videos, etc. could be accessed without all those statuses you had while in the middle of a break up or all the feed information.
  6. A Facebook browser or bar would be another great feature. You’d never actually have to leave Facebook to explore the web. They should hurry up in regards to this though as Google+ is dangerously close to making this happen.
  7. Translation is something I’d like to see soon. Some of my friends are Russian and their Russian friends respond to pictures I’m in. I have no idea whether or not they are calling me an ugly donkey or just making conversation. If Facebook is truly universal this should have been in place years ago.
  8. Bring statuses back to the top of the page. No more explanation is needed.
  9. There’s an old expression “stick to your guns”. Team Zuck would be wise to remember this. Are graphics allowed to be shown as profile pictures or not? How is it that I can’t add my real middle name but some girl has “BaBy Koh Uv” as her user name?
  10. In the beginning Facebook had a “one click to anything” policy. I’d like to see those days return.

I’m sure there are plenty more if’s however this article can only be so long. Facebook has always been able to adapt to change so hopefully we see some of these feature implemented in the future. From promotions and event invites to user controls and easier forms of sharing; Facebook has some work to do. What features would you like to see Facebook implement? What issues do you have with the site?